Hint an mich: dpkg-buildpackage und neue Worker in Version 2.17.3 für Debian Lenny

Wenn an einem echten Multiprozessorsystem sitzend ein .deb gebaut wird bitte bei dpkg-buildpackage mit -j N die Anzahl der gleichzeitigen Aufträge erhöhen, wird dann direkt an die debian/rules für das make weitergegeben. Sonst hat das keinen Sinn mit den Multiprozessoren.
Somit habe ich dann mal wirklich Fix die neue Version meines Lieblingsdateimanagers als deb gebaut.

Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2009 15:27:28 +0100
From: Ralf Hoffmann
To: workerfm-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [Workerfm-users] new Worker version 2.17.2


exactly ten years ago I have released the first public version of
Worker. I think it’s a good idea to release another version at this
special date. The new version adds support for tabs in the directory
view. The tabs are not completely independent but share the same
directory cache. The sort settings, filters and so on are also shared.
There is also a new command to change the tabs if you don’t like the
default key bindings (which are the same as in web browsers).

The new version is available at


Here is the complete change log:

new features:
All tabs share the same directory cache so if you select some entries
in a directory and you enter this directory in a different tab the
previous selection is available.
– added „modify tabs“ command;
default keys are ctrl+page up/down for previous/next tab and ctrl+t/w
for new/close tab

other changes:
– improved layout configuration
– made checks for bookmarks and labels faster
– updated Czech and Slovak translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny and
Stanislav Pavlica)

Best Regards,

Ralf Hoffmann

Ralf Hoffmann
Homepage: http://www.boomerangsworld.de

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