Maintainer für Azureus

Also ich mag es nicht und ich empfinde die Software als maximalen Bloath. Als rtorrent-nutzer würde ich es auch nie als Maintainer unter meine Fittiche nehmen, aber wer es machen möchte: RFA: azureus — BitTorrent client.

From: Shaun Jackman
To: „Submit@BTS“
Subject: RFA: azureus — BitTorrent client
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 20:18:02 -0800
Package: wnpp

Azureus is a BitTorrent client. The upstream package has been renamed
to Vuze and now has a focus on distributing and playing multimedia

Azureus is implemented in Java and uses SWT, the cross-platform widget
toolkit for Java used primarily by the Eclipse IDE.

Eclipse packages the SWT libraries (see the source package eclipse and
the binary package libswt3.2-gtk-java), but these tend to be too out
of date to compile Azureus. For this reason, I maintain a separate
copy of SWT for GTK (see the source package swt-gtk and the binary
package libswt-gtk-3.4-java). The adopter of Azureus would need to
also adopt SWT.