RealTime Operating System für Märklin

Eric Woroshow: My real-time operating system

I wrote a real-time microkernel x86 operating system this past term for CS 452. Unlike CS 350, I wrote this operating system starting with barely more than a blank vim window. Designing and implementing everything from the ground up was an illuminating (and exhausting!) experience; I learned a phenomenal amount.

On top of my OS I developed a set of drivers to interface with a VT100 terminal and Marklin train set. I wrote a train control interface that did a decent job of routing trains around the track while avoiding collisions. Youtube has a video my classmate took of the trains in all their quirky glory.

I wanted to share my work with the world, so I’m making the source code for my toy OS available. I’m also providing the kernel and train control design documents I wrote for the class. Hopefully someone has fun poking around my work! Everything is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.

Schade, ich habe leider kein Märklin, wäre aber mal witzig gewesen ein wenig damit zu “spielen”.
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