K3b Version 1.0.4 Debian Etch deb

Neue K3B in Version 1.0.3 als Paket für Debian Etch gebaut, incl aller wichtigen Plugins und die Internationalisierung. Zu finden sind die beiden *.debs (k3b_1.0.4-deveth-1_i386.deb, k3b-i18n_1.0.4-deveth-1_i386.deb) unter KDE-Apps.org

Changelog 1.0.4
Never use growisofs parameter -dvd-compat with DVD-RW media in restricted overwrite mode
Unmount medium before DVD formatting
Silently (without introducing new strings for translation) allow the burning of files bigger than 4 GB with appropriate versions of genisoimage or mkisofs.
Do only reload the medium before verification if necessary, i.e. if the newly writtentrack cannot be read otherwise (many old drives depend on this).
Hopefully this will at least work around the aweful „DMA disabled“ bug for many users.

K3b-Homepage für mehr Informationen

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