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How to compile FiSH encryption for irssi on Debian
Und manchmal kann es nett sein seine Kommunikation zu schützen, vor allem wenn über die Unfähigkeit von Politik gesprochen wird…, oder mache ich mich auch gleich wieder verdächtig?
(Seraphyn sucht seinen Klebevollbart)

Put irssi in a chroot jail
This short howto will walk you though the steps for setting up a jail that only has a few commands in it and will help create a much safer IRC enviroment for you.
FiSH alleine reicht ja nicht…

Howto Delete Files Permanently and Securely in Linux
We all know that when you simply delete a file, it’s possible to recover it later. Sometimes this is useful, if you accidentally delete something important; but usually this is a problem, and you really want that file gone forever. This howto will explain how to delete a file in linux securely and permanently, so it can never be recovered.
Ist auch im Debian-Repository

Hacking Tools & Techniques and How to Protect Your Network from Them
Hackers today use a wide variety of tools and techniques to gain entry into networks across the globe, stealing and destroying confidential data, as well as defacing public websites, writing malicious code, and bringing systems and networks to their knees. These attacks can sometimes cost companies thousands of dollars in downtime, resources, and manpower, not to mention the possibility of having secret data stolen and leaked. The purpose of this paper is to discuss some of the most common tools and techniques hackers use today, and how you and your company can protect your infrastructure from these attacks, as well as broaden your knowledge on hacking as a whole.

The ASCII Ribbon Campaign
Nicht nur ComicSans und IE6 möchte ich aus meinem Leben haben, auch diese unerträglichen abgrundtief von mir gehassten HTML-Mails.

Wiring and Cabling
published by the direction of the chief of the Bureau of Naval Weapons, 1 December, 1962.
Was der alten Dame Ihr Häkeln zur Entspannung ist, ist dem Admin sein wiring and cabling.