createtorrent debian lenny

Wer rtorrent in der Shell nutzt braucht auch noch ein Programm, welches einem die Torrents erstellt. Somit ein Paket des Programms creatorrent in der Version 1.1.4 für Debian Lenny gebaut.

createtorrent [OPTIONS] -a announce inputfile/directory output

This will create a bittorrent file from the given inputfile or the files of the given directory with the announce url announce:6881/announce. The output is written to the file output. The following additional options exist:
--announce	-a	announceurl	sets the announce url
--port	  -p	port	sets the port of the tracker, default: 6881
--path	-t	path	sets the path on the server, default: /announce
--piecelength	-l	piecelen	sets the piece length in bytes, default: 262144
--comment	-c	comment	adds an optional comment to the torrent file
--version	-v	 	version of createtorrent
--help	-h	 	this help screen

On success createtorrent returns with the exit code 0, otherwise 1.