WarVox, die Geschichte des Phreakens geht weiter

Hacker’s hobby ‚war-dialing‘ making a small comeback
Once, many moons ago, before even most people knew about the Internet, some hackers and self-motivated computer security enthusiasts used programs called war-dialers. The war-dialers were fairly simple programs; they would just dial telephone numbers in order, using a modem, and they would take note of any connections they could make. While 99.9% of the calls early war-dialers made would be made to some confused or annoyed person, trying to figure out what that squelching sound was, every blue moon a war-dialer might stumble upon an unprotected computer system that accepted incoming calls. War-dialing is really old news; but like many other examples in network security, hacking methods and tools never fade away completely, they just get re-worked. Penetration expert HD Moore has made a new war-dialer for 2009. It is free, and uses VOIP services to place up to 10,000 calls in an 8 hour period. The program is called WarVOX, and, like any self-respecting network security tool, it only runs in Linux.

Noch mehr Infos: Next Generation ‚War-Dialing‘ Tool On Tap
Ja, ich denke jedes Zeitalter in dem Bereich Telekommunkationssicherheit wird seine Phreaker haben. Ich hoffe nur das langsam mal wieder §en geändert werden, damit man anderen Mitmenschen auch auf Deutsch (mit einer Liegenschaft der Domain in Deutschland) erkären kann, wie so etwas funktioniert. Denn je mehr solche Dinge in der à–ffentlichkeit aufschlagen, desto mehr und vor allem schneller wird reagiert. Aber leider leben wir ja in dem “Duck’n’Cover”-Deutschland. Also krabbeln wir somit wieder unter den Tisch und….