SiteBar Bookmarkserver Stable Release – 3.3.9

Ich habe schon über SiteBar auf dem Blog berichtet, zu jener Zeit lag der Server in Version 3.3.8 vor. Sqall erinnerte mich im Channel daran, zum Glück, dass eine neue Version vorliegt. Somit habe ich mein Update gefahren, welches daraus besteht, dass man einfach mit der neuen Version die alte überschreibt, die Startseite aufruft und den Upgrade-Button drückt. Das ganze ging so schnell zu dem Login, dass ich erst dachte, dass alles schief gegangen sei. Aber ich wurde angenehm überrascht und möchte auch diese Software in meinem Alltag nicht mehr missen.
Release 3.3.9 Bug & Security Fixes October 13 2007

[+] Reduced time for loading of roots - important performance boost on large
[+] Add index on nid column on root table for performance.
[-] Wrong detection of comment end in Netscape format caused incomplete load
of bookmarks (from Firefox).
[-] Fetching time added to the time spent in database for statistics.
[-] Fixed escaping for blogroll format.
[-] Fixed quoting of comments for export to Opera.
[-] Fixed incorrect date and missing TTL in a RSS feed.
[-] Integration problem with IE7 (icons) solved. Credit to jouellet from!!!
[-] Backend search is now not case sensitive.
[-] Fixed bug with favicon cache management leading to SQL error with
ambiguous column name in the WHERE clause.

Credit to Tim Brown for security problem report

[-] Multiple security issues fixed in the translation module which could be
exploited by user having admin or translation access to SiteBar.
A workaround for version 3.3.8 is to delete the file translator.php, it only
used for translation of SiteBar strings into other languages.
[-] Multiple cross site scripting issues fixed (CVE-2006-3320 and others).
You would have to click on a link prepared by malicious user, what could
let him get control over your session (until it expires).