Eine neue Versions meines Lieblingsfilemangers: worker 2.17.6

Eine neue Version meines Lieblingsdateimanagers worker hat das Licht der Welt erblickt:

New features:
– The event handling has been improved so the process does not wake up too often. That might be beneficial for laptop users to save battery power.
– Worker now opens a dialog when new devices become available to ask what to do with them (mount them, open volume manager or do nothing). There is a new option in the volume manager section to disable this behavior.
– It is now possible to sort the file list by file permissions
– The layout configuration has an additional option to apply the list view weight relatively to the active side. That makes it possible to set the current side to 80% of the window width regardless of whether it is the left or right side.
– There is a new command option –config to choose a different configuration directory.

other changes:
– HAL support status is shown in about window.
– Improved built-in configuration to be slightly more useful in case no other configuration is found.
– The button for editing the list of hidden devices in the volume manager has been removed, the dialog can be accessed with the secondary button function of the hide button.

– Improved detection of new devices. Sometimes they were reported multiple times or never (if they have been reconnected).

Auf einer Shell kann man auch mc nutzen, aber in der grafischen Richtung ist IMHO worker das nonplusultra. Konfiguration und Eingewöhnungszeit dauern vielleicht ein wenig, aber, und es ist wirklich so, für Tastaturfreunde die Empfehlung schlecht hin. Habt Mut und nutzt Ihn mal;)