Somit sieht mich England nie wieder, obwohl ich es mag

Ja seid Ihr denn nun total bekloppt?
Mehr kam bei dem Lesen des Artikels nicht in meinem Kopf vor. Ich hatte mal längere Zeit in England gearbeitet und mochte eigentlich die Mentalität dort. Ich rede auch nicht von den Touristenecken, welche ich in jedem Land meide, wie der $VARIABLE das $VARIABLE2 meidet. Aber das haut mir nun nach all dem Quark, welcher bis dahin in England lief, doch die letzten Sympathiesynapsen aus meinen Schädellappen:

British Cops Try To Force CCTV On Pub Owner

The use of CCTV continues to grow in the UK as police and intelligence agencies seek to cover ever-larger areas of the country with security cameras in an attempt to prevent and solve crime. In many cases, the cameras are covering public areas, but one pub owner in London says that police are trying to force him to install CCTV cameras in his business — and turn footage over to them upon demand — as a condition of his operating license. The man bought an existing pub, and the change of ownership required him to apply for a new license. He alleges local police said they wouldn’t oppose the new license, as long as he installed a CCTV system that captured images of every person that came into his pub, and made that footage freely available to them as part of a new blanket policy covering particular parts of London…

Das ganze findet man Hier.
Die blumige Redensweise sei mir verziehen, aber mich regt das Ganze auf, sodaß ich eigentlich nur noch fluchen würde, somit ein