Linktip: Interview mit John Ousterhout TCL-Creator bringt in seiner Reihe „The A-Z of Programming Languages“ ein Interview mit dem Erschaffer von TCL.

Computerworld is undertaking a series of investigations into the most widely-used programming languages. Previously we have spoken to Larry Wall, creator of the Perl programming language, Don Syme, senior researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge, who developed F#, Simon Peyton-Jones on the development of Haskell, Alfred v. Aho of AWK fame, S. Tucker Taft on the Ada 1995 and 2005 revisions, Microsoft about its server-side script engine ASP, Chet Ramey about his experiences maintaining Bash, Bjarne Stroustrup of C++ fame, and Charles H. Moore about the design and development of Forth.

Somit ein wenig Lesen über jene, welche uns die Sprache an die Hand gaben mit unserem Rechner zu kommunizieren.

Linktip: Interview mit John Ousterhout TCL-Creator
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