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Deep Packet Inspection Engine Goes Open Source
Deep packet inspection (DPI) hardware can identify an astonishing array of protocols passing across the Internet—up to and including protocols that are rare even to us in the Orbiting HQ (Gadu-Gadu? Manolito? Feidian?). But if you’ve ever wondered just how this can be done, and done at wire speed, wonder no more: Europe’s leading DPI vendor has open-sourced a version of its traffic detection engine.

60 unreal space wallpapers from Hubble space telescope
The Hubble Space Telescope was carried into orbit by the space shuttle in April 1990. The Hubble space telescope has been sending back images of deep space for eighteen years. The images are undeniably priceless to scientists, who investigate the Hubble Telescope images to learn more about the universe. But Hubble images aren’t just useful for scientists. Many people are fascinated by the beautiful things that the telescope captures, giving everybody a glance at sections of space they can barely even imagine.

Smokin‘ Guns: Western FPS Game For Windows And Linux
Smokin‘ Guns is a free, open source first person shooter game for Windows and Linux that takes you back to the times of sheriffs and bank robbers in the legendary Wild West. It features all the typical ingredients of the FPS genre: support for multiplayer games (either hosted by you or using another Internet server), a complete arsenal of different weapons, a dozen different maps and several gaming modes: round team play, ban robbery, duel and death match.

A group of 44 companies says net neutrality rules would hurt the Internet
As the U.S. Federal Communications Commission moves toward developing formal net neutrality rules, some U.S. lawmakers and telecom-related companies have told the agency that new regulations will cause more problems than they’re worth. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced last month that he would seek to develop formal rules prohibiting Internet service providers from selectively blocking or slowing Web content and applications. On Oct. 22, the commission is scheduled to vote on a notice of proposed rulemaking for net neutrality rules, the first step toward developing those regulations. But 44 companies sent a letter, dated Wednesday, to the FCC saying new regulations could hinder the development of the Internet.

Train an army of crows to gather treasure for you
Josh Klein developed a machine that trains crows to trade coins for peanuts. Literally, for peanuts. So you fill this thing with peanuts and set it out, say, in a public park, and the crows will scour the ground for loose change, carry it to the machine, and drop it in a slot in exchange for food.

Use a Linux LiveCD to Avoid Windows Malware For Netbanking
The cyber crooks are targeting innocent MS-Windows user. If you are concerned about how best to protect yourself from this type of fraud, use Linux LiveCD for online banking and avoid Microsoft Windows at all cost.

FreeBSD portiert Apples Grand Central Dispatch
Was liegt näher, wenn Mac OS X relativ nahe zu xBSD steht, dass offene Teile von Mac OS X zu BSD wandern. FreeBSD hat nun Apples Multithread-Bibliothek portiert und stellt Grand Central Dispatch nun auch unter FreeBSD zur Verfügung.

Unix Sed Tutorial: How To Execute Multiple Sed Commands
Wie der Name schon sagt;) sed gehört zu dem Muss-Mann/Frau-Wissen bei Unix/Linux

Automated Backups Using dhcpd On Ubuntu
This tutorial shows how to set up automated backups of Linux hosts through dhcp using Ubuntu.
I will use following software: dhcp3,custom scripts
Das nur mal nebenbei: Es gibt für alle Unices/Linuces und ist ein netter Start in ein automatisiertes System. Z.b. kann man damit seine NFS-mounts nur auf seine Heimat begrenzen, einen netten Sync zwischen dem Laptop und seiner Workstation anschubsen und …

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